Tilda cake topper, Mother’s day cake

Tilda cake topper

It’s getting close to Mother’s day here in Australia so I thought I would share a cake I made that I think would be perfect for pretty celebration, maybe Mother’s day or a birthday cake. It’s quite an easy cake and even easier if you buy a premade sponge and use premade icing. I will also add that the paper crafts in this cake decoration are from a new product range available at Stash creative supplies from the ever popular Tilda. Tilda papers, fabrics and décor are quintessentially feminine and floral. Here’s how I made the cake;

Tilda cake topper

floral cake topper

Once I had filled the sponge cake with jam and cream I hollowed out the centre of the cake to create a tube shape about 4cms diameter. I then filled this to the top with sprinkles. You will see why later! Then I did a thin crumb coat of icing and refrigerated it to set. Once set I smoothed the rest of the icing generously over the cake. I decorated the top using the herb rosemary as well as some clean pink roses. If you don’t want the flowers to come into contact with the cake you could put a layer of baking paper on top? Don’t use poisonous foliage or flowers and I don’t recommend eating the roses, they are just for decoration. I then make a paper bunting using the Tilda paper stack ‘Winterbird’. The bunting flags and the paper birds are all in this paper stack. I used paper straws to support the bunting but cutting a short was into the top of each straw lengthways and sliding the string through before knotting it on. I used a little tape to secure the birds to short skewers or toothpicks. The ‘Winterbird’ paper stack also has blank cardboard labels that would be perfect for writing happy Mother’s day or birthday on and putting on the top of the cake too.

Now for the centre. Because we went to the little extra effort of putting sprinkles into the centre of the cake before icing, once cut the sprinkles cascade out of the centre of the cake as a lovely, playful surprise and add a little crunch to each slice. Too cute!


Tilda cake bunting


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