Miniture World


Fairy gardens are popular these days and a great way to get kids to explore the garden but ever heard of the Twiddlebugs? They are bugs that live in Bert and Ernie’s windowsill garden on Sesame Street. They’re not often featured in the show anymore but they were common years ago.


The twiddlebugs have elaborate towns in the garden including resturants, houses, workplaces and much more, they like to travel to other window sill gardens around the world on holiday. We recently visited a second hand furniture store (as you do) that was just setting up. The new owner had been given a bag of ceramic figurines and houses etc. She asked if we would like them for free. Um, yes! We often buy miniature items from thrift stores to add to the garden for imaginative play and this bag of bits and bobs was really going to expand the ‘twiddlebug town’. Here are a few photos of the things we have gathered. We will build some pathways with stones and add more things as we think of them. That’s the beauty of this play project, it evolves. All of these items are in the vege garden which can cope with many, many more thrifty finds. They look great at the bottom of a shady tree too. To extend this project, kids can also make their own twiddlebug houses out of milk cartons, plastic bottles, paddlepop sticks…… There are hours of play projects in building the town and then there’s the imaginative play that comes from it.



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