Sandwich press pancakes

IMG_5148I may be the last person to come up with this idea and forgive me if I am, please, but I’m a little excited about it and have been making tons of them, lol. These pancakes are finding their way into lunchboxes, afternoon tea, breakfast, the list goes on. So what’s the big deal? Well, maybe it’s not exciting to you but I’ve been wanting pancakes for ages after our non-stick fry pan had to be thrown out last year. At around $100 for a new one, I’ve kinda put off buying one as there are plenty of other things I could spend $100 on!

And then it happened… I saw my sandwich press and thought, should I? Arg, why not?

I made little hotcakes and have included the recipe at the bottom here. I poured the mixture onto the bottom plate (being very careful not to touch the hot top plate with the mixing bowl or myself) and then lowered the top plate down to where it almost touches the mixture (mine has a gauge so that you can choose the height of the top plate). When the top of the pancake was set I lowered the top plate down completely so that both sides cooked at the same time. They cook really fast, double time, so I had to keep a close eye on them but it also meant I could get through cooking heaps in a short period and didn’t need to be flipping them all the time. No oil needed with my non stick sandwich press and I don’t add sugar to the mixture as our toppings are usually pretty sweet!

Have you already been doing this for years, lol!

Easy peasy pancakes/hotcakes

2 cups of self raising flour, 2 eggs, 1 cup of milk. Combine and whisk!


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