Hello Christmas!


So I read something this week that said Christmas was less than 15 weeks away? Holy moly. If you are trying for a handmade/recycled Christmas this year like me than we really need to get our butts into gear and that means I had better get blogging.  Now this post doesn’t fit the handmade gift idea AT ALL but I still think it’s got a bit of value if you think of it as upcycled and I think they would be cool stocking stuffers. Please note; your teenager is probably not going to be impressed if they find one of these in their Christmas gifts and get their hopes up :/ If you are a parent of a preschooler or older you will understand that they want your phone, all the time. Why do kids want phones? Because they see grown ups using phones and they are programmed to imitate your behaviour. Now, I love encouraging kids to get outside, play, garden, craft etc but there is also the fact that they exist in cultures that embrace technology and they want to do the same. So when I walked past these today I thought they were a clever upcycle. These are preloved phones that were destined for landfill that have been turned into toy phones by having the screens replaced by phone images and most of the moving/sliding bits glued shut. They look exactly the same and we all know kids love the real thing. Buy them a pink, plastic phone and they are still going to want yours. Now I am a bit uncomfortable with the motive of getting kids associated with brands and technology but at less than $4 each (I got 3 for $10), these phones could be a week long craze and they might have some fun pretending to call friends without the worry of them being exposed to radiation or deleting apps. I found these ones in a box outside an optus store. This is not a sponsored post.


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