Rustic geometric yarn diamonds

It’s school holidays here in Australia so I thought I would post a simple, cheap project that is great for school age crafters and adults alike. Not only is it a great introduction to working with yarn (a bit like French knitting) but the geometric nature of it is right on trend at the moment too meaning the finished woven pieces could be made into all sorts of other contemporary projects.

rustic yarn diamonds

We used wool or yarn we already had but I’d also like to try this with twine, raffia or maybe t-shirt yarn, hmm what else do you think would work? It’s windy here at the moment so there is no shortage of twigs and branches on the ground, we found a few in minutes about 15 cm long (if you want to get all technical) but seriously the more rustic, the better. The twigs need to be thick enough that they won’t snap when you are working with them.

rustic yarn diamond tutorial

rustic yarn diamond tutorialIMG_5306

Make a cross with two of the sticks and tie knots around each of the joins so they stay open in the cross shape. I then wrapped the yarn all around the joins to make the shape stronger and easier to work with. Once it’s keeping it’s cross shape start working to the following pattern; wrap the yarn once around one twig, close to the previous yarn as you can and pull gently, then wrap it once over the next twig, close to the previous yarn and pull gently and then keep going this way making a diamond pattern and working outwards until you want to change colours. When you want to change colours, tie the new colour to the end of the previous colour and keep going in the same pattern again, making sure to tuck in any loose ends as you go. Knot the yarn around the twig at the end to secure it and stop it unravelling. Now make more, because you get better at it each time.

What would you do with these? I’m thinking of making some for a rustic Christmas tree decoration.

rustic yarn diamond tutorialrustic yarn diamond


2 thoughts on “Rustic geometric yarn diamonds

  1. Thank you this has just brought back memories for me.
    When I was in primary school we made these to put on display in our classroom but we used paddle pop sticks. I can remember coming home and making them with twigs from our tree like you have done. I put mine on display in our classroom and I have to say mine looked the best 🙂
    I still think this idea is great.

    • Haha! I remember the paddle pop method too, thanks for the reminder! I knew I had done something like this in primary school but couldn’t remember exactly how or what it was called. I like the rustic nature of the twigs too, looks more arty 😉

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