Easy peasy party foods, that rock

Easy peasy party food

I’m so excited to share this post with you today as I’m hoping you will find these as helpful as I have when it comes to planning parties. The finger licking good party foods I’ve included in this post have been tested on a willing audience and passed with flying colours but the thing I like about them almost as much is the amount of time they saved me. Alright, let’s just get on with it already!

Choc coated oreos

choc coated oreoschoc coated oreos 2

You may have seen these around lately, they are very popular with bakers and party decorators. Many tutorials will tell you to buy the Oreo chocolate moulds specifically designed for making these. Typical me went, ‘no, I want to make them right now’ so I pulled out my mini muffin tray and used that, and it worked perfectly! For these, I used white chocolate, milk chocolate and MINI Oreos. Normal Oreos were too big for my mini muffin tray. (I must confess I did make a couple with a normal muffin tray and normal sized Oreos and they used soooooo much chocolate and were way too rich a mouthful that I decided to scale them down for cost reasons and because there is such a thing as too much chocolate in one mouthful….apparently….) I put sprinkles in the bottom of each hole, then poured in a little of the chocolate I had carefully melted in the microwave, popped an Oreo on top and them spooned in more chocolate over the top to cover the Oreo. They Oreo will try to float so don’t get obsessed with covering it until you can’t see it because it will just keep playing peek-a-boo. Let them set in the fridge, then turn them onto a board and pat them on the back for being good and they will pop right out. These were seriously popular.

Fake pops

marshmallow pops

Yep, cake pops are cool, there’s no doubt, but for a quick version in minutes try these marshmallow pops. I cut some paper straws in half, stuck them in marshmallows and dipped them in melted chocolate that I had heated gently in the microwave. Pop them on a baking paper lined tray and sprinkle with fun things like edible glitter, sprinkles or cachous. Too. freaking. easy.

Vege cups

salad cups 2salad cups

Let’s get healthy for a minute. I love dessert tables as much as the next sweet toothed cake head but I also appreciate some fresh fruit and veges to cleanse the palate and it’s good to give kids some healthy choices so they don’t get too hypo from just sugar. Instead of serving a bowl of salad we put together salad cups with a variety of some veges, fruit and cheese in fun cups making them easy to hold and eat from.

Jelly fruit cups

jelly cupsjelly cups 2

These were really popular with the kids. I used halved oranges that I had squeezed the juice and contents out of and placed them into a muffin tray so they stayed stable. I made the jelly according to the instructions (I used a flavoured jelly that contained no artificial colours or flavours)

I poured in the jelly mixture and let them set in the fridge overnight. I topped them with some strawberries and served them with wooden teaspoons that I decorated with washi tape (just the handles). You could also fill them with fruit salad.



Don’t forget the humble individual popcorn servings. Popcorn is so popular at the moment so why not throw some popcorn cups into the next party. Just be aware that young children may struggle with popcorn and it can be a chocking hazard.

Whoopie pies

whoopie pie

So these just look like whoopie pies, they’re not really. I bought some chocolate cookies and sandwiched them together with Betty Crocker icing. I then rolled them in sprinkles. Seriously took me 30 seconds to make. You could make your own buttercream or make ice cream sandwiches (that’s what I’ll be doing soon!). Don’t they look moreish though?

So there’s 6 of my top easy peasy party foods that I find helpful, what are your favoutites?

Please note; not all of these foods would be suitable for young children.


2 thoughts on “Easy peasy party foods, that rock

  1. Perfect timing!! These ideas are super and just in time for my daughter’s first bday this weekend!! Love the veggie cups 🙂 thanks for sharing

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