Edible Icing Images

Thomas cookies

Next week I’m starting my homemade Christmas series! Yay! I’ll be writing about and taking pics of the pressies and decorations that we are making this year. I’ll also do some flashbacks to other posts that have ideas you might like. But before then I just wanted to share my first experience with edible icing images. I made these Thomas cookies as gifts and I was amazed at how simple it was. There are lots of places online that you can buy printed icing sheets and lots of them will do custom printing for you so that you can personalise your cakes or cookies anyway you like. They come via the mail and should have instructions to help you, including what to do if they wont come off the sheet and if they are affected by the humidity or heat.

I baked some simple cookies and covered them in a layer of rolled fondant icing. Once all the cookies were ready I dipped my finger in a cup of water, shook off the excess and lightly brushed it over the top of the iced cookies making sure not to over-wet it or leave puddles. I then got the sheet of printed icing images and holding both ends rolled it over the edge of the table until they lifted off the backing sheet. I carefully put each image onto the icing topped cookies and smoothed down the edges. After a few minutes the printed icing and the rolled icing top have kind of stuck together and the image is now permanently on the icing. I thought eating these would be like eating rice paper (you know when you bite into it and the whole rice paper layer comes off) but it wasn’t, it was exactly the same as any other icing. There are so many possibilities with icing images! 


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