Christmas advent calendar

Christmas advent calender 1

The countdown to Christmas is on! I’ve been busy making and taking pics of all the things I’m making this Chrissy and I’ll post about them here in the lead up to Christmas. I thought I had better start with our advent calendar and I’m pleased to say that I haven’t left it till the last day of November to make it! I’m going for a kind of rustic, natural look this Christmas (well, that’s what I’m telling myself) and this advent calendar fits that theme well. You could make yours in whatever fabric you like. You could even make a paper version. This project can either take you days or a an hour or so depending on whether you follow my quick tips….

advent calender 4

The first thing I did was draw a sketch of the shape and size of the Christmas stockings I wanted to make. You can make them whatever size you like but don’t make them too small as you will find them harder to turn right side out and sew around corners. Once you’re happy with the sketch, trace around it about 1 cm out from the stocking outline to allow for a seam allowance.

Now the first quick tip is for the cutting out. All up, I cut 50 stockings. I used linen for the front and a calico for the back, both fabrics I already had. I recommend folding the fabric into at least 5 layers and then placing your homemade pattern piece on top and pinning before cutting the stockings out 5 or more at a time, whatever your scissors can handle. This will speed up the cutting a lot.

Next step is folding over the raw edges on the tops of the stockings. If you would like it to be perfectly neat from the get go you could fold and iron the tops over but it takes time, so your call…. I’m a little more impatient and so here’s my next quick tip; I folded over the tops AND sewed on my chosen variety of trims (lace, ric rac, fabric etc) at the same time so I didn’t have to sew them on again afterwards. With the backing pieces, I folded over the tops as I sewed but another quick tip is to get the next one lined up straight after so I didn’t have to stop and start with the sewing after each one. I ended up with a 25 stocking long bunting basically, all joined like a string of sausages. All I had to do was cut the joining thread in between each one.

Once the front and backs had the tops finished and all the trims added it was time to sew them right sides together and then turn them right way out.

I hung these stockings on our notice board (which I made way back here) but they would also look cute hung like a bunting and pegged on some string, like washing. I used wooden pegs that I covered in festive coordinating washi tapes and glitter papers.

But what can I put in my homemade advent calendar on top of chocolate?………….

advent calender 2advent calender 5advent calender 3


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