Chocolate glitter dipped strawberries

chocolate glitter dipped strawberries

It’s that time of year when you need a simple little gift to give a teacher, colleague or friend. Nothing too expensive or they feel uncomfortable, just something that says thankyou for all you have done this year. There are lots of things you can make but these chocolate glitter dipped strawberries are really easy and can be presented in a gorgeous container they could keep.

chocolate dipped strawberries 3

chocolate dipped strawberries 2chocolate dipped strawberries 4chocolate dipped strawberries 5

All I did for these was to wash and dry a gorgeous punnet of large strawberries (or maybe you grow your own) making sure to keep the stems on and in one piece. I melted some chocolate in a coffee mug in the microwave on low (kinda wish I had used white chocolate as I think the glitter would have sparkled even more)  and then dipped the strawberries in, letting them drip a little before dipping them into the red edible glitter flakes I found at Spotlight. I have also used edible glitter from the supermarket too. I let them set on a plate in the fridge and then arranged them in my cute punnet container from Simply Sweet Soirees.

Last year we gave these reindeer noses, they are pretty cute. There’s a bit of a food gift theme here I know but I’m a teacher and I like edible gifts! lol

Please note, this is not a sponsored post, all products were purchased and chosen by myself.



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