Rustic Christmas cake with cherries on top

rustic Christmas cake 1

I’ve told you before that I love the naked cake trend and I wanted to try one but also give it a Christmas twist. I have tried to consider the combo of flavours ( I hope) as well as the fact that I’m loving the Christmas colours! Once this cake is baked and cooled this is pretty fast to assemble and should be done as close to serving as possible.

rustic Christmas cake 5rustic Christmas cake 4

The first thing I did was to make the butterscotch sauce ( I’ve written about this recipe here) and let it cool in the fridge but not set. I layered a sponge cake with fresh whipped cream that I added icing mixture to after it was whipped to stiff peaks and whipped it in some more. I wanted the cream to be borderline buttery. After I smoothed around the side of the iced cake, I drizzled on the butterscotch sauce from the top, letting it cascade over the sides. I then put fresh cherries on the top with their little festive stalks sitting up like decorations. I placed mint leaves amongst the cherries, scooped out pomegranate seeds and sprinkled them over the cherries and down the sides. I then sprinkled roughly chopped pistachios over the top and sides as well as grating some white chocolate over the whole cake as well. Finally, I threw some edible silver decorations on there, just for fun, because it’s a Christmas cake, lol. I really want to make a chocolate one now!

Rustic Christmas cake 2

rustic Christmas cake 3

7 thoughts on “Rustic Christmas cake with cherries on top

  1. This looks so yummy and would make a great home made Christmas gift but would it keep for a day if I took it into work and have them out as gifts.? They probably won’t get to eat it for a few hours?

    • I was eating this the day after but the cream is not as fresh and it gets discoloured by the fruit and sauce after a day. The mint leaves wilt a bit the next day too. It definitely needs to be kept in the fridge as well. I would make a small test one for yourself and see if you are happy with it after the same amount of time. Alternatively, have you seen my dipped cherries and strawberries? They might be a good option too 🙂 Hope this helps! What a great workmate you are!

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