Moustache hamper

Moustache hamper 1

Do you find the adult boys the hardest to make a gift for? It’s true, they can be tricky but over the years I’m finding that if you can eat it or it’s humorous in some way, they will probably like it. If it’s both of those things than even better! This gift hamper is for a bit of a laugh but will also treat the tastebuds. The idea of this hamper is to create a hot chocolate kit. With warm milk, the chocolate spoons can be dissolved into it and then the choc coated marshmallows can be dropped in the top. You could also add some exotic coffee for a mocha flavour or drinking chocolate to the hamper.

Moustache hamper2

I bought this large coffee mug from Kmart for $2. I gently folded some chalkboard sticker vinyl (that I bought at Officeworks a while ago) in half, without creasing it and cut a half moustache shape out. If you’re not confident free cutting you could always print out a template and trace it on the white backing paper. I stuck the moustache on the front of the mug so that when he holds it in his right hand to drink from it the moustache will appear right in front of his lip. Would make a great photo! If the person you have in mind is left handed then you will need to think about what side to stick the moustache sticker.

Moustache hamper5

To make the chocolate spoons you can either dip them straight into chocolate and let them set on come baking paper or like me you could poor some cooled melted chocolate into ice cube trays and place the spoons in, holding them until the stay upright (yes, they fell over a few times, you can tell from the pics). Let them cool completely and set in the fridge. I cut little strips of baking paper and placed them in the bottom of the trays with their ends sticking out like handles. Once set, I ran some warm tap water over the back of the ice cube tray and then easily lifted them out. I stamped my spoons with a little moustache stamp I bought at Typo. I also stamped the gift tag.

I just drizzled the leftover melted chocolate over some marshmallows to put in the mug once set.

What do you think? Would this work for a bloke? You could easily make a ladies version I’m sure!

This is not a sponsored post, all items have been chosen and bought myself.

Moustache hamper3Moustache hamper4


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