Strawberry decoration

Strawberry tree decoration

I made a few of these and more the other day and thought I would show you a couple as I think they would make cute present toppers or teacher gifts for hanging on the tree. They would also make sweet pincushions. They are heart shaped fabric decorations that I have turned into strawberries with a little felt leaf on the top and a button. These work really well using 5 inch quilting squares too for all you quilt fabric lovers. Draw a heart shape on some paper or card and cut it out to use as a template. Mine were the size of the palm of my hand. Choose any fabrics you like, it’s totally up to you and your style. If you don’t have fabric just use some old clothes, or old knitted jumpers would be cute too. Put the right sides of the fabric together, pin your template in the middle and then start sewing on one of the straight sides just outside of the template edge. Don’t sew the actual template. You can use a sewing machine or hand stitch. Back stitch at each end and make sure to leave a gap of about 3cm for turning right side out and for putting the filling in. Cut the excess fabric off about 1cm from the stitching and then turn the fabric the right side out. Fill with hobby fill, pillow stuffing, scrap fabrics or lavender for a scented decoration. Hand stitch up the opening and sew on some ribbon or lace for hanging, the felt leaves and a button for decoration. Note; if you are confident you can put the ribbon in place between the two layers of fabric before you sew them together so that when you turn it inside out it is already neatly secure.

Strawberry tree decoration3

Now you might notice some extra stuff going on in my pics. The LOVE decoration was a strip of red hessian / burlap that I hand-stitched with white embroidery thread and then sewed onto the front piece of fabric before sewing both the fabrics right sides together. For the other decoration I layered a scrap of vintage doily on the front piece before sewing the pieces together to create a cute little pocket. It could hold a love letter, treat or maybe a note to/from Santa.

These decorations are super quick to make and even if you don’t have fabrics or a sewing machine you could still make them using a needle and thread and up-cycled doilies, linens, clothing or tea-towels. You could embroider names on them or make them into bag tags. Now I’m off to make more in all sorts of vintagy fabrics, maybe some stars too……

Strawberry tree decoration2Strawberry tree decoration4Strawberry tree decoration5Strawberry tree decoration6


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