white chocolate + caramel popcorn

white chocolate and caramel popcorn 1

Don’t you love when you check an invite for the address and notice that you missed the bit about “bring a plate to share”! It happens, especially this time of year. This recipe has got me out of those situations with a quick 10mins or less effort. I trialled it on my friends and family and it has always been gobbled up quickly. This came about by using what I had left in the pantry after some ‘planned’ baking activities.
I popped a bag of popcorn in the microwave according to instructions and then while it cooled, I melted a block of white chocolate in the microwave too. I lifted all the popped corn out of a bowl and into another bowl making sure to leave behind any un-popped or hard bits. I stored through the white chocolate, coating the popcorn. Now you could leave it there but you know, I had left over caramel chips/buttons to use up, about 1/2 cup. I melted them in the microwave too and then stirred them through the popcorn mixture. For a bit of colour and party fun I mixed in some smarties too. I’ve served this in a big bowl and I’ve also separated it into cupcake paper baking cups for neat individual servings.
The combination of the buttery salty flavour with the sweet white chocolate and then the caramel is a bit addictive and should come with a warning.
As they say on Sesame St. This is definitely a sometimes food!
Although I guess it qualifies as whole grain? Lol!

white chocolate and caramel popcorn 3white chocolate and caramel popcorn 2white chocolate and caramel popcorn 4


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