Christmas star cookie wands

gingerbread star wands

Yay! I’m going to trial a new series I’m calling ‘Be my guest’ where other bloggers and/or readers can show off their own creations. Some may be pros, others may just want to share something they got excited about making, either way I’m loving the idea of supporting one another’s creativity. If you have a project you would like to share, feel free to apply via email to

Todays guest is Emily. Instead of giving her kids candy canes to hand out at school (don’t worry, we all do it!) she decided they could make gingerbread star cookies and attach them to straws using royal icing. They decorated them with more royal icing and lollies in Christmas colours and then wrapped them in cello and secured it with some string. How gorgeous are they?! The kids would have been so excited. I also think they would make super adorable wands at a fairy party. You could make them an activity that the kids decorate themselves.

gingerbread star wands 2


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