Trimmed towels

Trimmed towels

Stuck for an original gift for a homewares loving friend or family?

trimmed towels 3

Well, I’ve been making versions of these trimmed towels for all sorts of gifts this year. Towels for baby gifts, floral trimmed handtowels for Nannas, some geo fabric trimmed towels for the trendy friend. It’s a versatile project! You could do the same to some tea towels too.

trimmed towels 2

The first thing to do is go and buy some towels in the size and colour you want. Avoid colours that are going to run. Then measure the section you would like to add the trim to, making sure to add 1cm around all four edges for folding. I chose to trim the section between the decorative strip and the hem.
Fold in the raw edges of the panel you measured 1cm all the way around and iron them flat. Make sure you tuck in those little corners nice a neat. Flip it over and see how it lines up on the towel. Towels are shamelessly wonky at times and the edges can be a little curvy due to the fluffy nature of the fabric so see how it lines up and make any adjustments as needed.
Grab some of your favourite trims, ric racs, laces etc, and have a play with the layout. I put ric rac under my panel at the bottom to give it a cute little scalloped edge and then put some crocheted lace on the top edge of the fabric panel. Make sure to cut your trims around 2cm extra so that you can fold the raw edges under by 1cm at each end when sewing. Pin and sew the fabric panel straight onto the towel including any trims that need to be placed under it. Make sure you tuck away or under any raw edges as we want these to be able to be washed and used for years right?!
Sew all the way around all four sides of the fabric panel and around all four sides of any thick trims like the crocheted lace I used.
I’m making some with boy fabrics for my little nephews for Christmas this year. A bit cute!

trimmed towels 4

trimmed towels 5


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