Mini Winterscape Terrarium

mini winterscape terrarium

I do my best to be relevant to the climate and country I’m from but sometimes an Aussie girl has just gotta have a little bit of a white Christmas dream!

mini winterscape terrarium 3
I adore the same Christmas carols about chestnuts roasting and snow, so to scratch this wintery itch I like to make a little mini winter landscape of some kind at Christmas, like a sort of terrarium but probably not really, lol.
I use a jar, wine glass or in this case a cloche and salt and glitter and fill it with whatever wintery cuteness I find around the house. This house is from our fairy garden in the vege patch (don’t tell the fairies). I also put a bit of rosemary in there. The thing I discovered this year is that if I wet the glass, the salt will stick to it and stay there once its dry. Sounds dull I know! But, you can create a snow globe looking top for the landscape which I thought was a bit cool without ruining your items with glue. Oh! and do you love my Christmas lyric ribbon? mini winterscape terrarium 4

mini winterscape terrarium 2


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