Cookie ice cream sandwiches

cookie icecream sandwiches

Hey there! How was your Christmas?

It’s summer in Aus and at this time of year we are looking for quick treats for summer entertaining that team up well with bbq’s, outdoor entertaining and not having to turn on the oven. These easy peasy cookie and ice-cream sandwiches will keep everyone happy and let the host chillax too.

cookie icecream sandwiches 2

These are really versatile. You can make your own cookies in any flavour or buy your favourite cookies to make them even easier. You can also fill them with whatever flavoured ice-cream you like and then roll them in some sort of topping if you want. Here you can see I’ve used some sprinkles but you could use nuts, grated chocolate, crushed boiled lollies, whatever works! Sandwich them with ice-cream immediately before serving and be prepared for drips, that’s what makes these great for outdoor bbq style entertaining. Great for parties too. No washing up, except ice-cream covered hands!

Here I’ve used double choc chip cookies with vanilla but think of all the possible flavour combos!¬†Mint, caramel, cookies and cream, raspberry and chocolate and so many more!………..mmmmmmm

cookie icecream sandwiches 3


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