Iceblock Treasure Activity

frozen toys

It’s getting hot here in Aus so I’m just going to show you a quick, fun activity the kids will enjoy. This is a two part activity; first it’s going to be fun collecting all the bits and bobs that will go into this frozen ice block such as leaves, pebbles, seed pods, flowers, plastic animals, food colouring, feathers or whatever else you think might work. Here, we have used a small, empty ice cream container (you don’t want to make it too big or the ice block will end up being too heavy for little peeps) but it can also be done with plastic cups so that everyone gets their own (party idea?). Once everyone’s happy, a grown up should fill the container with water, nearly to the top, pop on the lid and put it in the freezer overnight. Then its just a matter of running the outside of the container under some tap water to loosen the ice block and taking it outside for play! The kids are going to want to drop it to get it to crack open (beware of toes), pour cups of warm water on it, chip away at it with pebbles or maybe sprinkle it with some salt (apparently that helps it melt). Whatever the method, the YAYS! and laughter when one of the toys or treasures pops out of the ice is priceless.


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