Country Style diary upcycle

country style diary upcycle 1

I adore Country Style magazine, it’s my fav. I subscribe to it each year and always make sure I get the free gift of the dairy each time I renew my subscription. When I started filling in the new years diary last week, I looked over at last years faithful diary and all its gorgeous imagery and was bothered by the idea of discarding it. I know just a little as a blogger of how much planning and editing, let alone the travelling that must go into each pic, they are perfectly styled and gorgeous……..good enough to frame or put on a card………

country style diary upcycle 2

Then it dawned on me! I could use my stash of blank cards and choose sections from each image to stick to the front of the cards and then embellish with stitching on my sewing machine or maybe buttons, fabric or lace?…..

I’m not a scrapbooker and I find less is more so I left many of the cards as they were, letting the pictures be the stars with a bit of a stitched border. The hardest part was narrowing down pictures to a small enough feature for the size cards I had. If you are not confident with your eye’s natural ability to cut straight and choose the section of the image to use, the best thing you can do is create a little cardboard window cut out or viewfinder as we call it in art land, almost the same size as the card (allowing for a border). Then its just a matter of moving the viewfinder around the image until you are satisfied you’ve captured your favourite bit. Remember too, that often the best bits look more natural when they are off-center and not in the middle of the picture eg. if you can’t fit the whole vase and flowers in the picture, consider cropping the top and sides of it intentionally and making space for another little prop or feature (the colourful bouquet on the bottom right in many of the pictures is an example of this).

country style diary upcycle 3

I now have over 30 cards that will be perfect for birthdays, weddings, Mother’s day and Christmas. Thankyou Country Style! (and yes they did give me the okay to do this) Love a bit of successful up-cycling! This is a lovely project for craft loving kids too. What other image sources are too good to discard? Desk calendar with quotes?….. there’s another idea!

This is not a sponsored post.

country style diary upcycle 5country style diary upcycle 4country style diary upcycle 6


6 thoughts on “Country Style diary upcycle

  1. What a wonderful idea! I just pulled out my 2012 diary yesterday and wasn’t sure what to do with it as its too beautiful to throw away. Thank you so much!

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