Mermaid party; part 1

mermaid party

We had so much fun baking and making for a special mermaid themed afternoon tea on the weekend! I have so many tutorials to share with you I just don’t know where to start! I thought I could perhaps start with the overall look and then take you through the individual techniques and recipes in the posts after that. Put on your sun cream because this party is light and bright!

mermaid party 2

Let’s start with some décor. I set this party table up under a willow style tree. Not only does this provide shade for the food on a hot day but it is so perfect for hanging all the decorations easily. I used my handmade pom poms and some honeycomb lanterns as well as some ruffled cheesecloth curtains that I put through an embroidery hoop to act as a canopy. The colours I went with were inspired by the mermaid fabric I used to make an outfit with (tutorial to come), coral, peach and aqua tones with some gold scattered in there as well.

skirt and top

The gold table runner was actually a Christmas decoration that looked to me like mermaid scales with it’s shapes and gold sequins. I also used starfish, buckets, white washed wood and baskets, shells and flowers to decorate.

mermaid party 3

It was such a hot day that I filled the drink dispenser with lemonade, water, ice and pink grapefruit slices that I had cut up previously and frozen to act as extra ice blocks. The grapefruit also gave the lemonade a natural pink, coral colour, bonus!

mermaid party 4

Finally, the cake! I will definitely write a separate post about this but for now I’ll just say that it was (still eating it actually) a chocolate mud cake with ombre ruffles, edible sand and edible pearls and shells and a mermaid doll with a fondant tail.

So this is just the beginning! I’ve got recipes, tutorials for beachy, mermaid themed food and cake, sewing tutorials and more, just wait!

mermaid cake


3 thoughts on “Mermaid party; part 1

  1. Hello was wondering where did you buy the fabric from for the mermaid party ?!!! with it ! Please email me back with response

    • Hi Ashley, do you mean the gold table runner? It’s like a hard mesh type thing that I bought from Domayne. It may have even been a Christmas decoration?! Or do you mean the mermaid cotton fabric?

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