Mermaid party; part 2

Hey there! Welcome back to part 2 of the mermaid party we hosted. I have so much to show you today and that doesn’t even include the cake, clam shells or sea jelly recipe (coming up next)! Let’s start with these totally sweet dip-dyed watercolour marshmallows. These were really easy and you could make them in any colour to match your theme. I made up two cups of watered down food colouring, one was a turquoise blue and the other was a sea green. I dipped the marshmallows, one at a time, into the sea green colouring and then let the excess drip off before dipped them a second time into the turquoise blue but making sure to dip them a bit shallower and not to cover the green, making for a ombre dip dyed effect. Too easy! I have a water colour puddle glazed plate that looked perfect with these sitting on it.

Dip dyed marshmallows

Sea and mermaid themed food 2

The next easy sea themed food was the mini croissant crabs. They were really popular and very easy to make and looked cute. We cut icy pole sticks in half and glued googly eyes to the cut end of the sticks and let dry before putting the rounded edge of the sticks into the croissants on party day. The googly eyes can be made well in advance making these a very easy party food to prepare. We used mini croissants.

croissant crabs

Watermelon was another popular party food as it was such a hot day. The colour went well with the party theme too!

Sea and mermaid themed food

We also made pink chocolate bark to look like coral and put it into little white beach exploring bucket pails. I’ve included the how-to pics below for the chocolate coral but basically we melted white chocolate buttons and then stirred in some pink or red food colouring to get the desired colour. We put it to the side to cool down a bit and then when it was cool but still liquid we dipped in spoons and drizzled the chocolate all over a tray lined with baking paper (make sure it will fit in the fridge). Once we had created a web of pink chocolate, we put it in the fridge to set. When it was set we had fun cracking it, using our hands, into pieces of chocolate bark to look like squiggly pieces of coral.
pink chocolate coral

chocolate coral making

We also made the never fail fairy bread but cut them into star fish shapes. All of this food was really, really easy to make and suited the theme perfectly. Next I’ll be sharing how we made the baked items! Are you enjoying this summery party series?
Star fairy bread


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