Mermaid Party: Part 4 (Clam shell cookies)

Clam shell cookies title

Welcome to part 4 of the mermaid party tutorials! I think after this one I just have the cake to go, I’m loosing track of it! There were so many tutorials and it would have been the longest post ever if I had of I put them all in one! So today I’m posting about the clam shell cookies. I haven’t seen anyone else do shell cookies like this before but I thought it would be a fun idea and I like how natural they look with this method.

clam shell cookies

Choose your favourite cookie recipe for this. I find people are quite particular about their cookie recipes and when they find one they love, they stick to it! I washed the shells and dried them. I then lined them with some cling wrap. I pushed the cookie dough into the lined shells so they were a solid shape and then lifted it out again with the help of the cling wrap. It takes a few practice goes to get it. It’s also helpful to have cold cookie dough so that it is firm enough to hold its shape. You can see in the pictures above how cute the shell shape is. Once I’d made all the cookies (enough for matching pairs) I used some pink food colouring with a little bit of water (not too much, about half/half for liquid colours, more water for gel colours), dipped my finger into the colour and then gently finger painted some curved stripes over the ridges of the shells. Make sure you press gently as you don’t want to squash the cute shell texture. The cookies then went into the oven to bake. If you use a good cookie recipe they may hold their shape, mine puffed a bit too much. Some of the texture was still there though and the colours looked pretty.

shell biscuits 6

I baked and put the cooled cookies in the freezer about a week or two before the party. The night before the party I mixed up some royal icing (icing mixture, water and some pink food colouring) and painted the insides with it. On the larger shells I used cool mints for the pearls (you can buy gorgeous pearl candy if you want) and on the small pippy shells I used some little sugar pearls from the cake decorating section. It’s a bit of a balancing act to get the biscuits to stay together while the icing is setting, just make sure you give yourself plenty of time and that the icing is nice and thick. I laid the finished clam shells on a bed of biscuit sand. I’ve posted many times before about biscuit sand. It’s one of my favourite things to do along with Oreo dirt. I just put a packet of plain biscuits into two zip lock bags and crush them with a rolling pin. I then add some raw sugar to the mix. You could do that in advance too and keep it in the freezer for a week. Save a bit for the cake too. I’ll show you soon the mermaid cake with the sandy top. These cookies are seriously delicious, they really are a nice break from fondant topped cookies. I had trouble not snacking on them!

Clam shell cookies 2



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