Triple chocolate mousse trifle

triple chocolate mousse trifle

Oh goodness, goodness me. This dessert is a bit wicked. I have a few fellow chocoholic friends who be loving this dessert so I thought I would share it with you too! This is super easy. The chocolate mousse alone is only two ingredients and is delish on its own. Here, for the trifle I layered it with chocolate mud cake off cuts from a birthday cake I made (ALWAYS put cake off-cuts from levelling and shaping cakes in the freezer for desserts later on!) and then topped it with some chocolate buds, I wanted to top with some hazelnuts as well but I wasn’t going to the shops for them when I could get stuck into this straight away.

chocolate mousse

To make the mousse I whipped around 400mls of cream into soft peaks. I removed most of the cream from the mixing bowl and then added around 200 gms of Nutella or equivalent and whipped it on low until combined. Add more Nutella if you want it to be richer. I returned the rest of the cream to the mixing bowl and whipped on low until it was all combined (about 30 seconds) you could also gently fold it through. I then layered the cake and chocolate mousse into individual serving glasses. The mousse will seem a bit soft at this stage but it will become firmer in the fridge (Have you ever put Nutella in the fridge before, lol). Ideally these should set in the fridge for at least 2 hours, if you can handle waiting that long. They are super good refrigerated overnight too. If you don’t have any cake handy, you could use muffins, brownies, chocolate cookies, Oreos…….

This is obviously not suitable for people with nut allergies but maybe you could use melted chocolate as an alternative to make a whipped ganache instead. Would you make this? It’s a no cook two ingredient chocolate mousse as well as being a great way to use up cakes, slices and biscuits!

chocolate mousse 2



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