No bake Hand-painted Easter egg cookies

Hand painted Easter cookies

It’s getting close to Easter, have you started on the Chocolate yet? Have you bought little hunting eggs and thought you would be able to keep them until Easter and then cracked open the bag, just to have one late at night and then a few days later you have eaten them all? No?…..neither have I :/

These no bake Easter egg cookies are the perfect little canvases for 3-93 yr olds to have fun decorating and hand-painting using food colouring. You can be as rustic or professional with these as you like. We let the kiddies at these ones and ended up with a trendy watercolour effect. You could also buy some edible icing patterns online, transfer them to the rolled fondant before cutting out the egg shapes. How sweet would these be too with some edible icing Beatrix Potter characters on them? If you would like to know more about edible printed icing sheets, read my post here.

For these simple cookies I used good old milk arrowroot biscuits. They are really cheap and the perfect shape for Easter eggs. You could use royal icing to decorate these if you wanted but I chose the fondant icing path. I kneaded the fondant ( I use satin Ice from Cake decorating stores, but you can buy white fondant icing from the supermarket too), then rolled out the fondant between two sheets of baking paper until it was about 2 mils thin or however thin your chosen brand of fondant will let you. I then placed the biscuits all over the rolled fondant, pressing them gently on. Using the back of a butter knife, I cut them out closely and leaning towards the inside of the shape slightly. I lifted the baking paper and pulled it down off the fondant to release the biscuit and then put them off to the side.

Easter egg cookies cutting out

To prepare my adult use edible water colour paint I use the following materials (see photo bellow); Rose spirit, gel food colouring, paintbrushes I use just for food decorating and a palette I use just for food. These items can be bought from cake decorating stores but if you want to use what you can buy in a supermarket you could use a plastic food lid for a palette and liquid food colours as paint. You only need a tiny bit of the gel colouring mixed with a teaspoon of the rose spirit to get your watercolour paint.  It evaporates quite quickly so get everything set up before you mix the watercolours. Some people use Vodka but the Rose spirit was recommended to me by a cake decorating shop. I’m not a fan of letting kids use Vodka or Rose spirit to paint with as both have a very high percentage of alcohol and should be kept out of reach of children.

For kids projects I suggest just using liquid food colouring as watercolours instead of alcohol based colours. The liquid food colours are water based and will still be a lot of fun and are safer for letting the kids use for painting icing. Once the cookies have dried they could be wrapped in cellophane and given as gifts with a little Easter message.


Easter cookies




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