Fail proof Flowers

Fail proof flowers

This is a $5 bunch of roses…..really. It doesn’t matter how big your bunch of flowers are, it could be some pretties from the garden even but wherever they come from there is a fail proof way to honor their loveliness and the thought behind them. Have you ever received a gorgeous bunch of flowers and then put them in the vase only to have them flopping all over the place and falling to the side? The solution?

…….Sticky tape.

For these flowers I went out into the yard and grabbed lots of foliage, branches from a pine tree and tendrils from a climbing rose. You could use whatever you can find that you think compliments the bouquet.  THEN, grab the sticky tape and create a cross hatch across the top of the vase. The sticky tape will be invisible once all the foliage and flowers are in and it will create a framework that will organise and support your flower arrangement.

flower tape grid

Once you have your grid ready (don’t make the openings too small, you might want to put a few stems in each) put your foliage in first. Then place your feature flowers in using the grid to support creating the arrangement you want. Too easy! Don’t be afraid of those beautiful big vases! Enjoy!

bouquet 4

bouquet 1

bouquet 2

bouquet 3



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