Glass pantry storage you’ll want to display

Glass pantry storage

So the title of this post sounds totally snore worthy, I know, I know. I said the other day that I’d been busy with work stuff recently but I’ve also been going through a bit of a cleaning and organising phase. Normally these phases last about, oh, I don’t know, maybe 10 mins? This one has been going for a couple of months! Part of my organising has been in the kitchen. Going through the plastics drawer, you know the one, where the lids don’t match the bases! Once I’d thrown out, recycled or upcycled many of the plastic containers (they make good painting pots) I turned my attention to glass. I’ve been meaning for a while, to get rid of my plastic storage containers out of the pantry. For things like sugar and rice that can sit in them for months, I really wanted to start storing them in glass instead. I don’t tell you what to do on this blog but I kinda think that glass storage has got to be better for you long term than plastic, especially for food items that can be stored away for months at a time. Because I’m storing healthy options, I find having them on display helps me make smarter choices when baking and if I’m making a salad or something I’m more likely to sprinkle it with organic seeds if they are right in front of me. It’s also great for shopping because I can easily see if I need to buy more flour etc. In my jars I have flours, raw and brown sugar, rice, pumpkin seeds, raw cacao, coconut, goji berries, chia seeds and almond meal. You could store pasta, nuts and dried beans and lentils, anything that’s colourful or rustic looking. Or cake decorating sprinkles and toppings would be cute too, but not quite as health inspiring, lol. If you are a gardener, you could creatively store labelled seeds on display for planting instead of eating.

Glass pantry storage 2

The other benefit of glass is that it looks pweeeety! So pretty in fact that I have put my new storage containers out on display. When we renovated our kitchen a few years ago I opted for some open shelving in one area. I have some pretty things that I like to have on display. If the kitchen is neat and tidy the open shelves look great with their ceramics, glass and wicker baskets and give the kitchen some personality. If the kitchen is messy, the open shelves just add to the look of clutter! I haven’t taken a photo of my whole kitchen as the benches were untidy, but you get the idea about the shelving from these pics anyway. If you don’t have open shelving in your kitchen, you can easily achieve it by taking some cupboard doors off, you can even line the back of the shelves with wallpaper or paint them for added wow.

You can see from these pics that I quickly cut some adhesive chalkboard vinyl to make some labels for my large containers as all the flours tend to look similar. I bought the large preserving jars from the reject shop for $5 each and the mason jars I already had, which I had picked up at Big W in a bulk tray from their preserving section.

mason jars

close up glass bottles

glass pantry storage close up


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