Tid bits #3

Tid bits is where I do a little recap of things I think you might be interested in. I put up links and things I have found inspiring lately or pics of things that didn’t make their way into their own blog post. Do you like tid bits?

Things that have captured my interest this week. This is the orange cake that I was writing about on Facebook this week. It’s so citrusy, moist, crumbly and delicious. It is made with a whole orange, rind and all, just quartered and chucked into the food processor. The recipe I used came via the Down to Earth blog. Thankfully I made two and there’s another one in the freezer ready for the weekend!

orange cake

Finally, due to the amazing success of the film ‘Frozen’, I’ve started looking into the original story by Hans Christian Andersen ‘The Snow Queen’. Although the story line is very, very different, it still seems like an amazing story with Love as the hero being the main theme too. So I’m thinking it might be time to read the original story. Apparently it contains many, many amazingly strong female characters, which I’m intrigued to read about. Frozen has been hailed for having two strong female characters and The Snow Queen has even more, apparently…..we shall find out!

Are you an Offspring fan? What do you think about the orange cake? Have you read The Snow Queen?

This is not a sponsored post. Photos from Birdsnest have been used with permission from Birdsnest.



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