“It’s in the Bag”; Declutter challenge

declutter challenge

Hello! I’m excited to share with you that for the month of August (just over a week away) I will be hosting a declutter challenge on the blog we are calling “It’s in the Bag”.  The idea is that everyday, for 5 minutes we will take a bag and fill it up with things to chuck or donate. At the start of each week I’ll give you suggestions of areas to work on and dive into. The beauty of the quickness is that it forces you to make quick decisions about your stuff, if your first thought is to chuck it, then chuck it, don’t over think it. It’s so simple it’s Duh! But sometimes you just need a little motivation to see it through.

This challenge is as much for me as anyone else. Anyone who knows me, knows I can be incredibly untidy and I am guilty of holding on to those magazine clippings or those clothes that don’t fit. So, are you in it with me? Do you want to declutter one bag or more a day from your home? When spring begins and you have that spring cleaning urge, your home will already be 20+ bags of stuff lighter. This challenge isn’t about cleaning or organising but you may find yourself doing that along the way if you want to. This is about valuing the space you have and taking back responsibilty for your stuff. The more stuff you have, the more you have to maintain and the more time is taken to do that. It takes time to buy, clean and organise our stuff, lets claim back a bit of that time and spend it doing other things and spending time with our people instead of spending time with our stuff! This challenge only asks for 5 minutes a day, you can choose to spend longer on tasks but I want to make it work for me and others like me. If I make it simple, I’ve got a better chance at sticking with it and I get that feeling of accomplishment everyday, instead of feeling like I’ve let myself down when I’m days behind the schedule.

The challenge will start on Monday 4th August and will run for 4 weeks of 5 day mini challenges. There is no 5 minute tasks for weekends, you can add other tasks on weekends if you want or just plain forget about it! Each Monday I will post about the areas to declutter for the week and make suggestions of how to do that and things to get rid of. I could post about a different area everyday, but then that requires you to get on the internet everyday or look for the email and that just takes up more of your time! Let’s keep this simple!

Aaaaaannnd I have a little competition to go along with this challenge, with a gorgeous prize to give away from a challenge sponsor! I’ll post more about how to win that soon! But you’ve got to be in it to win it! Are you in???????


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