“It’s in the Bag” declutter challenge competition!

The “It’s in the Bag” declutter challenge starts tomorrow! I’m so keen to get it started. I told you I would let you know about a little comp to go along with the challenge, so here it is! Your reward will totally be more space in your home but as a bit of fun for the Aussie readers Cliffwatcher will be sponsoring this comp and I will be giving away a tote bag of the winners choice to 2 different winners (1 tote bag per winner). Sorry to my international readers (and I know there are a lot of you) but we are unable to post these outside Australia for this particular competition. Please join in the declutter anyway though as it’s really not about the prize but about what you will get out of the challenge personally.

Cliffwatcher is a gorgeously tiny new business and I love that I can support it by telling you about Katie and her work. I found her page via her Etsy page and instantly loved the minimalist, eco feel of her work and that her tote bags are 100% recycled and fair trade.

Here’s what she says about it…..

“Living near the bush in Sydney all my life, I’ve always had a love of the natural environment. My Cliffwatcher artworks are inspired by nature and I try my best to use only eco-friendly, recycled materials. I’m proud to say that my home and business are run entirely on green energy.”

There’s nothing like a good eco bag to stop you bringing all those plastic shopping bags home! My favourite is the cottage in the woods design.

So! How do you win one? It’s simple! The best comment on any of the “It’s in the Bag” declutter blog posts during the challenge will win one of these bags. Maybe your comment is about something funny you found at the back of the cupboard, maybe something you’d forgotten about, maybe you have more room for something special, maybe you are just enjoying the feeling of getting rid of junk! Whatever you write about is up to you and you can comment as many times as you like. Whichever 2 comments are the best will win their choice of tote bag posted out to them within Australia!

cliffwatcher bag 1

cliffwatcher bag 4

cliffwatcher bag 2cliffwatcher bag 3



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