“It’s in the Bag” declutter challenge: Week 1

declutter challenge week 1

Welcome to the first week of four of the “It’s in the bag” declutter challenge! You can read more about it here but essentially we are taking 5 minutes to fill a bag each day of stuff to donate or throw out. At the beginning of each week in the month of August I write a post like this with suggestions for areas to declutter and ways to do it. You can take more then 5 mins if you want to but if you want to keep to the simple 5 minute task just choose an area from the suggestions and after madly decluttering for 5 minutes, pat yourself on the back and say “well done”! If the task isn’t completed and it’s bothering you, you could use the weekend to finish it or spend longer than 5 minutes doing it but I really want you to get that sense of satisfaction that will motivate you to stick to the challenge and I also think the 5 minutes means you will make good, quick decisions about your stuff and move quickly through the 5 minute challenge rather than getting bogged down in the details. If an area is a particularly emotional area to work on, maybe choose an alternative and come back to that area another day when you have more time to dedicate to it.


Day 1. Bags

Where better to start in this “It’s in the Bag” declutter challenge than with bags! Choices for todays 5 minute challenge are;

  • Empty your handbag, nappy bag, laptop bag or sports bag out and only put back in what you need. Find a home for the rest of it or chuck it out.
  • Have a look through your stash of handbags, wallets, beach bags, luggage, purses, backpacks and get rid of any that you don’t use anymore or that are broken.
  • If you have a hundred plastic shopping bags stored in case you need them, consider throwing them out. If you need them for garbage bags etc, just keep the ones you need and throw out the rest. Also consider using them for this challenge.
  • Do you buy those eco bags almost every time you go shopping because you forget them and now you have a thousand of them? Keep as many as you need, stack them inside each other, put them in the car or somewhere convenient and donate the rest to charity.

books and magazines

Day 2. Books and Magazines

  • I have too many magazines, they are my kryptonite at the shops! I am aiming to transfer my subscriptions to digital subscriptions and read online or only buy the mags I really, really want. So on that note, go through your mag stash and write those recipes into your recipe book and donate the magazines. If there are pictures you want to keep, put them in a notebook rather than keeping the whole magazine.
  • Have a look at your bookshelf and donate any of those books you won’t read again or are now out of date or irrelevant.

dvds and cds

Day 3. Dvds and cds

  • Have you still got that embarrassing cd? Go through your cd collection and either transfer them to your ipod/computer or donate them to charity.
  • Same with dvds, ditch those ones you never want to watch again.
  • For both cds and dvds, throw out the covers (it’s just packaging after all) and put your collection into cd/dvd sleeves (you know the paper ones with the plastic window). You can find them at storage shops or cheap, junky stores.

car clutter

Day 4. Car

  • Have a look in your car and throw out any rubbish such as food wrappers, dried out packets of baby wipes, empty tissue boxes etc, You know what I’m talking about!

towels and sheets

Day 5. Towels and sheets

  • Have a look through your linen and throw out or donate any you don’t use anymore or are thread bare or discoloured beyond repair. Make a note of the things you would like to replace and add them to a Christmas suggestion list on your phone so that when family ask if there is something you would like for Christmas, you are ready with the list

It’s the weekend baby, yeah! I’m calling time out for the weekend but you can work on decluttering the other areas in these suggestions lists if you want to. Another idea you could do is grab a bag and just take a walk around your home collecting all those cluttery bits and bobs to chuck out that are obvious at a glance. OR forget about it until Monday and make this easy Nutella chocolate mousse!

Don’t for get about the competition that goes along with this challenge for our Aussie followers. You could win an eco tote bag! Read how here and comment!



6 thoughts on ““It’s in the Bag” declutter challenge: Week 1

  1. I’ve been looking forward to this so much that I have to admit I have done some de-cluttering last week and am loving how free I feel afterwards! We’ve decided to get rid of ALOT of stuff and really simplify life…Will let you know how it changes the dynamics of our already busy household! Need to get it all done before baby number 5 arrives. haha Thanks for the challenge…its exciting and I love having a plan set out for me!

  2. Arrh, day 4 will see a vacuum happen in the car while removing a collection of toys. I have earmarked some books to get rid of already….. 🙂

  3. I got rid of a massive pile of recipe books and magazines, even some of my chocolate books! (shock horror). Yes miracles can happen haha. I have also convinced hubby to go through his book shelf on the weekend and believe me, when he said YES, that in itself was a whole “BAG” of release for me! No more moving books around that havent been read at all or only once in 15 years!!

  4. I didn’t do to much with the DVD/CD challenge today. Only because we have been transferring our DVD’s onto a portable hard drive over the last six months. We then leave it plugged into the playstation and can access any of our movies ASAP. We only have about a quarter of them left to do. We have removed all the plastic covers and put each DVD in a paper DVD case and as soon as we have finished they all go up the top of the cupboard in a little box! Will only need to pull them out if someone wants to borrow one. The best part of this is not having scratched DVD’s anymore and not having to find the DVD that the kids didn’t put back in its case!

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