“It’s in the Bag” declutter challenge: Week 2

declutter challenge week 2

Welcome to the second week of four of the “It’s in the bag” declutter challenge!! How are you going with it?

You can read more about it here but essentially we are taking 5 minutes to fill a bag each day of stuff to donate or throw out. At the beginning of each week in the month of August I write a post like this with suggestions for areas to declutter and ways to do it. You can take more than 5 mins if you want to but if you want to keep to the simple 5 minute task just choose an area from the suggestions and after 5 madly decluttering for 5 minutes, pat yourself on the back and say “well done”! If the task isn’t completed and it’s bothering you, you could use the weekend to finish it or spend longer than 5 minutes doing it but I really want you to get that sense of satisfaction that will motivate you to stick to the challenge and I also think the 5 minutes means you will make good, quick decisions about your stuff and move quickly through the 5 minute challenge rather than getting bogged down in the details. If an area is a particularly emotional area to work on, maybe choose an alternative and come back to that area another day when you have more time to dedicate to it.


Day 1. Medicine

This is a really important one. If you have young kids, wait to do this until they are in bed or at school etc. It’s too risky to sort through your medicines while they could be within the kids’ reach. Choosing bin night to do this is a good idea too so that it is gone off your property asap.

  • Chuck out any medicines that are out of date.
  • Chuck out any that don’t have labels or are unidentifiable.
  • Make sure the risky things in your medicine cupboard are locked up and things like band aids are more easily accessible or at the front.

fridgeDay 2. Fridge

  • Throw out anything that’s out of date or dodgy!

pantry & benchtopDay 3. Pantry & Bench top

  • Same with the fridge, throw out anything that’s out of date or dodgy!

plastics and cutleryDay 4. Plastics and cutlery

  • Go through that crazy plastics drawer and get rid of any lids and bases that don’t match and anything else you haven’t used for ages.

appliancesDay 5. Appliances

  • Serious suggestion this one. It may seem a bit extreme but I did this the other day and ended up finding an old working toaster and sandwich press that I donated to charity that was taking up room in the back of the cupboard. I also found some missing parts for the food processor, bonus!

Don’t forget about the comp! Just comment on one of the declutter posts for your chance to win one of two bags from Cliffwatcher! (Australian residents only)

On a side note, I have a VERY organised, neat friend who reads my blog and nothing I have written about so far has been an area for her that’s needs decluttering! Maybe THIS week I can catch her out! Seriously, how amazing is that?! I have been able to declutter in ALL of these areas! :/


3 thoughts on ““It’s in the Bag” declutter challenge: Week 2

  1. I dread day 4! I hate the plastics cupboard, in fact I was planning on making that the last thing I declutter in the whole house. Guess I will have to bite the bullet and get it done haha

  2. So I have cleared out my pantry and put everything in labelled containers and jars! This was a great challenge as I have two older kids that would just put stuff back in the pantry in what ever spot was quickest! I have so many groceries I didn’t know I had!! So I guess a saving on the next food bill is coming my way! Also I got a Thermomix three months ago and have been meaning to get rid of all the appliances I no longer need. Finally this is done. Yay!

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