“It’s in the Bag” declutter challenge: Week 3

declutter challenge week 3

Welcome to the third week of four of the “It’s in the bag” declutter challenge!! How are you going with it? How many bags have you decluttered from your home and how are you feeling about it? Aussies, don’t forget that your comments put you in the competition to win your choice of tote bag from Cliffwatcher!  Also, if you are starting to get unmotivated, maybe introduce a reward for yourself. After 5 minutes, you get a special something?

You can read more about it here but essentially we are taking 5 minutes to fill a bag each day of stuff to donate or throw out. At the beginning of each week in the month of August I write a post like this with suggestions for areas to declutter and ways to do it

week 3 bathroom

Day 1. Bathroom

Have a look around your bathroom and throw away anything you don’t use anymore, eg, cardboard rolls, empty shampoo bottles, mouldy bath toys, rusty razors, useless bric-a-brac etc.

week 3 makeup


Day 2. Make up or jewellery

Get rid of any make up that’s really out of date, you don’t wear or might be allergic to etc.

Have a look through your jewellery collection and donate any that might be daggy costume jewellery you don’t wear. Don’t throw away any precious expensive family heirlooms though! Maybe your kids would like to play with any eye shadows, lipsticks and jewellery before it goes in the bin?

week 3 cleaning products

Day 3. Cleaning products

Have a look at the things you use to clean your house. Safely remove or store any chemicals that you don’t need any more or that are out of date. If you have a different cleaning product for every surface of your home, maybe think about cutting down on the products you use and making your own using vinegar, baking soda and oils (there are lots of great cleaning recipes out there). When I’m not using natural cleaning products like vinegar etc, I try to double up on other cleaning products’ uses. Eg. Sometimes I use dishwashing liquid to clean the bath and bathroom sink and an old toothbrush. I also use powdered nappy soaker to clean the shower tray (sprinkle it on there and then using a scourer sponge, put thongs on and scrub the shower using my foot).

week 3 underwear socks

Day 4. Underwear & socks

Go through every ones socks and undies and do yourselves a favour by throwing away any that are past it and think about getting some new ones, if you need them.

week 3 wardrobe

Day 5. Wardrobe

Pick a wardrobe or set of drawers to go through and donate any clothes that don’t fit or don’t get worn and get rid of any clothes that are passed it. Seriously, how many lawn mowing shirts does one man need?! Sorry, I got distracted there, that was meant for someone I know…….


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