“It’s in the Bag” declutter challenge: Week 4

declutter challenge week 4

Welcome to the fourth and final week of  the “It’s in the bag” declutter challenge! You can read more about it here but essentially we’ve been taking 5 minutes to fill a bag each day of stuff to donate or throw out. At the beginning of each week in the month of August I write a post like this with suggestions for areas to declutter and ways to do it. You can take more than 5 mins if you want to but if you want to keep to the simple 5 minute task just choose an area from the suggestions and after 5 madly decluttering for 5 minutes, pat yourself on the back and say “well done”! If the task isn’t completed and it’s bothering you, you could use the weekend to finish it or spend longer than 5 minutes doing it but I really want you to get that sense of satisfaction that will motivate you to stick to the challenge and I also think the 5 minutes means you will make good, quick decisions about your stuff and move quickly through the 5 minute challenge rather than getting bogged down in the details. If an area is a particularly emotional area to work on, maybe choose an alternative and come back to that area another day when you have more time to dedicate to it.

week 4 toys

Day 1. Toys

Go through the toys in the house! The kids’ toys, hubby’s toys or maybe the old board games cupboard. Donate any you don’t use or want that aren’t sentimental.

week 4 outdoor area

Day 2. Outdoor area

Let’s get outside and have a look around! Are there any old toys, pot plants, décor or bits and bobs that need chucking?

week 4 shoes

Day 3. Shoes

Have a look through all the shoes in the house. Are there shoes that don’t fit, are falling apart, and are uncomfortable?

week 4 pick an area

Day 4. Pick an area

Is there an area that’s been bugging you, that you want on the list? Get into it!

week 4 reflect

Day 5. Reflect

Congratulations for all or any decluttering that you’ve done! How do you feel?! Grab a cup of tea, have a seat and have a look around at all your hard work. Do you notice a difference? The thing to really think about now is what you bring into your home. I’m going to be making some changes in areas that have become an obvious clutter issue for me. I’ll be cancelling some magazine subscriptions and moving my favourite ones to a digital subscription. I’ve really cut down on my crafting stash including fabrics and I will be very selective about buying more and starting to really use the stuff I’ve got! I’ll also be thinking carefully about the kind of Christmas pressies I buy this year. I’ve even sold large pieces of furniture and ditched some of the cushions and rugs in the house and it’s been so good. There is still more I could do and I’m going to need to accept that I’m not the tidiest house keeper but for now, I’m going to pat myself on the back and enjoy the extra spaces and less stuff!


2 thoughts on ““It’s in the Bag” declutter challenge: Week 4

  1. The toys has been the best thing I have de-cluttered so far. I did do it earlier this month and our lives have changed considerably! But I even got rid of a few more today when I did a massive lifeline run today! Oh its so freeing! I sent the outdoor toys away too and passed on the ones that were too good to toss. Friends of ours have just moved into a new house with a backyard for their little boy. They were happy to have to new outdoor toys and I was happy to get rid of them 🙂

  2. The only thing I regret about this whole challenge is that I didn’t take before and after shots of every section!. You wouldn’t think its the same house haha.

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