Cliffwatcher tote bag winners

cliffwatcher bag 1

Thankyou so much to the people who commented on the blog during the “It’s in the Bag declutter challenge“. The winners have been notified and can now choose their eco bag from our challenge sponsor Cliffwatcher! My favourite comment of all was this one;

“The toys has been the best thing I have de-cluttered so far. I did do it earlier this month and our lives have changed considerably! But I even got rid of a few more today when I did a massive lifeline run today! Oh its so freeing! I sent the outdoor toys away too and passed on the ones that were too good to toss. Friends of ours have just moved into a new house with a backyard for their little boy. They were happy to have to new outdoor toys and I was happy to get rid of them.”

That comment pretty much sums it up I think. It’s a win, win. You get that sense of freedom from having less stuff and someone who would benefit from it gets to enjoy some ‘new’ things they may not have had otherwise through your donations. My declutter journey is still going but it’s not daunting anymore and maybe one day soon I’ll get brave enough to actually take a photo of my art/craft space to show you! Thanks for being a part of this declutter challenge!

For anyone interested in the declutter challenge, here are the links to each week;

Week one

Week two

Week three

Week four


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