Choc-orange (jaffa) Icecream cake

ice cream cake 1


Mr T asked for a jaffa icecream cake for his recent birthday. Now I’ve never seen one in the shops and although he’s a grown man he still would have been perfectly happy with a freddo frog icecream cake but I like a challenge so I set out to make one, as you do. I’d been tossing around potential combinations to make this cake and to get the jaffa flavour and I knew I didn’t actually want to use jaffas, I wanted to create the flavour from scratch, but easily. In the weeks leading up to making this cake I was talking to a like minded foody friend and she was telling me about her brilliant ice-cream recipe. Seriously, It’s genious and I think you might love it as much as I do. In fact, I’ve gone a little crazy with it and made litres of the stuff in all kinds of flavours since. So although this recipe is for the choc-orange ice cream cake, I’ve made strawberry icecream with real strawberries, chocolate icecream with real chocolate and passionfruit icecream with real organic passionfruits. The possibilieties are endless and don’t get me started on the natural yoghurt substitute I’m trialing this week! Mr T says it’s the creamiest icecream he’s ever had and he won’t compliment food unless he really likes it.

So to make this basic icecream you don’t need an icecream machine or anything fancy and you don’t have to cook it like some other recipes! You only need two ingredients! All it takes is whipping the cream to stiff peaks and then whipping the condensed milk in and any flavours you may want to add. Pour it into an freezer proof container (I just use a 2 litre icecream container) and leave overnight. No added nasties and you can add all kinds of fruit, wowzers!

jaffa icecream ingredientsTo make the choc-orange icecream cake takes a few more steps but for a special occasion I think it’s pretty simple.


Line a 25cm round cake tin with glad wrap.


Process the biscuits to a fine crumb and then add the melted butter and almond meal (optional) and process until combined. Press into the base of the lined cake tin.


Whip the thickened cream to stiff peaks. In the meantime, wash an orange thoroughly (organic is great for this) and peel the rind, being careful to peel it thinly, trying not to get the bitter white pith underneath the orange skin. Place the chocolate and the orange rind into a heat proof bowl over a saucepan of simmering water and melt. While the chocolate is melting and heating up, the oils from the rind will be releasing and infusing the chocolate. Gently stir throughout the melting process to distribute the orange flavour, that’s what makes it taste like jaffa! Taste test until you are happy with the orange flavour, remembering that it will be a bit weaker once it’s combined with the cream mixture. Pass the melted chocolate through a sieve to remove the rind and whip through the cream mixture, reserve a little for swirling through the surface of the icecream. Poor the mixture on top of the base and swirl through a few tablespoons of chocolate in the surface. Sprinkle with slivered almonds and refrigerate for 6 hours or overnight! Lift the cake out using the plastic glad wrap.

The flavour combo of the dark chocolate, orange and almonds is amazing. It looks cakey fancy when cut and is a great entertainer over summer as it can be made well in advance and won’t heat up your kitchen in the making process. Enjoy!

choc orange icecream cake 2

choc orange icecream cake 3



One thought on “Choc-orange (jaffa) Icecream cake

  1. WOW! That sounds so good! I’ve been obsessed with caramalised fig yoghurt at present so I might have to try making it as ice cream.

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