Slow cooker Roast Chicken, veges and gravy

slow cooked summer

I’m starting a series on slow cooker recipes as we come into the warmers months!”

Is she drunk?” I hear you say? Yes, I know it sounds bonkers but isn’t the longer sunlit evenings and warm afternoons exactly when you don’t want to be slaving over a hot stove?

“Hmm, even if she is drunk, she makes a good point”. Yes, thankyou and no I’m not drunk, let me continue with more points to prove I’m not crazy.

Using the slow cooker means you don’t need to turn the oven on, which is awesome when it’s hot.

Letting the slow cooker make your dinner means you get more time to GET OUSIDE and enjoy it! Yay! Have I won you over yet?

Today’s recipe is one I make all year round and will continue to make through summer. I may substitute the veges for salad on really warm days but I’m still roasting that chicken. This whole chicken does us for two meals. There’s nothing quite like remembering you’ve got cold left over roast chicken from the night before in the fridge for an easy chicken salad for dinner or sandwiches.

Here’s how I make it

roast chicken

Wash and chop veges to go on the bottom of the slow cooker. One layer of veges is enough to keep the chicken off the bottom yet not touching the lid in mine. Extra veges can be added around the chicken later. Rinse the chicken including the cavity inside the chicken and place on top of veges. Wash well and quarter the lemon. Place 2 quarters, rind still on, inside the chicken along with the butter, peeled garlic cloves and washed herbs and seasoning if you want. You may choose to put some butter under the skin of the chicken too if you want although I always forget that bit. Squeeze one of the remaining quarters over the chicken, or not, it’s up to you! Place remaining veges, if any, around the chicken and any extra herbs.  I cook the chicken on high for around 6 hours or turn it to low after 4 hours if the cooking time will be longer. You may find a meat thermometer helpful as all slow cookers are different and the temperature mine gets to may be different from yours.

Once the roast chicken and veges are ready, remove from the slow cooker and cover to keep warm. The bottom of the slow cooker will have around 1/2 an inch of stock that is a combination of all those fantastic flavours including the cooked garlic cloves if you can find them. Mix around 1/2 cup of cornflour (you may want more if you like gravy thicker) with 1/4 cup of cold water to make a milk-like liquid. Pour it into the slow cooker and quickly stir or whisk it in until the gravy thickens, you may need to add more.

Serve chicken and vegetables and ladle over gravy. Done! One pot wonder! Use the leftovers in salad, cous cous or whatever you like!



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