Make it: Summer pom pom scarf

summer scarf main

It’s warming up here in Australia, but I still love my scarves! I wear scarves most of the year round. Summer scarves need to work differently to winter scarves though. They drape around you rather than sit snuggly and they are made of lighter, floatier materials. Because of my love affair with yellow at the moment I have added some yellow highlights to this easy summer DIY scarf.

I made this scarf out of muslin, not just any muslin though, it’s a baby wrap! I folded and cut the wrap in half, longways and sewed the two lengths together to make one long piece. I sewed a rolled hem all the way along the raw edges but you could just leave it raw. I bought a metre of yellow pom pom trim for around $2.50 and sewed this along the two end edges. You could use more trim and sew along the whole length both sides.

I actually did a sandwich style fold along the end of mine with the trim in between so that only the pom poms showed but a bought scarf that I have just had all of the trim showing so you could do it that way too, it would be way quicker.

pom pom scarf


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I think scarves make great gifts. They are one size fits all and go with loads of different styles and personalities. This could be an easy handmade Christmas gift.


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