Lengthening shorts

pant trim

The controversy has started. Mums are writing about it and media is reporting it. The shorts debate. Every year it is noticed that major retailers offer a limited range of lengths for girls shorts. Now, I’m not saying what length they should offer and what length you should buy but I do believe you and your daughters should have options for modesty. One mummy blogger did the measurements and the difference between the length of boys and girls shorts was dramatic. Options, retailers, it’s all about letting us choose…… Some of the retailers are listening though and are offering different length choices, although I notice the more modesty you want, the more $$ you have to spend, what’s up with that? I won’t name the retailer but seriously extra dollars for extra length? I know it’s more fabric but don’t charge more, just make them all the same price.

If you find yourself wanting to make shorts longer here is a little trick you might find helpful. If you buy a pair with rolled up cuffs you can unpick the holding stitch on the sides and unfold them. The hem will probably be an overlocked finished edge. Make or buy some cute binding and sew it onto the new hem of the shorts. Turn the shorts inside out and sew the binding onto the inside of the hem all the way around, making sure to fold in the raw ends of the binding at the start and finish. Turn the shorts right side out again and sew the binding onto the outside of the hem, top-stitching all the way around. This method can also be used to turn pants or jeans into shorts too. And before you say it….. yep, you shouldn’t have to alter shorts.



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