Chocolate truffles using your favourite biscuits!

chocolate truffles

Theses truffles are a great treat to take along to a party, give as a gift or just keep in your freezer as an alternative to icecream. I adore them straight out of the freezer but you can keep them in the fridge too. The beauty of this recipe is that it uses your favourite biscuits and your favourite chocolate so you can make quite a little nest of various truffles with different flavours and different colours. I love that you don’t need to bake them either.

2 packets of your favourite biscuits. eg. Tim tams, mint slice etc

1 tin (390ml) of condensed milk

4-8 Italian sponge fingers or equivalent plain sweet biscuit

200 gms of your favourite chocolate or 100 gms of each

Process your biscuits and pour into a mixing bowl, pour and mix in the condensed milk. The mixture will be quite runny, don’t panic.

Process Italian sponge fingers or any plain sweet biscuits. Mix in half the plain biscuit mixture and add more if the mixture is still too runny. Don’t add too much, it needs to be a soft mixture as it will set in the fridge and we want our truffles to have soft centers! Put mixture into the fridge for around half an hour to set a little.

Roll spoonfuls into balls and place back in fridge to set for another half an hour to an hour.

Meanwhile melt your favourite chocolate in a heatproof bowl over simmering water on the stove or you could melt it in the microwave too. I like to use dark chocolate as the filling is very sweet. White chocolate looks great too. Different chocolate shells for different flavoured centers are a nice touch. Pour the chocolate into a coffee mug and let cool but not set.

Dip the cold truffles into the melted chocolate and place onto a tray lined with baking paper. Dust with cocoa, sprinkles, drizzled chocolate in another colour, chocolate or silver sprinkles, coconut, nuts or whatever you like. Put back in fridge to set and store in fridge or freezer. Don’t worry about them being perfect, they look great rustic! You could also add peanut butter to the filling for some for another flavour too or orange rind to the chocolate while it’s melting to give it a jaffa flavour. The possibilities are endless! What about cherry ripes in the centre and white chocolate with pink colouring for the shell?! Pweeeety! Okay, now I’m going to be thinking about these for days! What flavour would you make?





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