Mermaid Cake

As part of my mermaid party wrap up, I realised I needed a few more pictures and details about the cake. The cake wasn’t perfect by any means but it was appreciated by the birthday girl who really wanted a … Continue reading

Mermaid party; wrap up!

Remember the mermaid party I put together a few months back? Well all the little tutorials get quite a few visits from readers so I thought it was time to put it all together in one easy to go to … Continue reading

Mermaid Party: Part 4 (Clam shell cookies)

Welcome to part 4 of the mermaid party tutorials! I think after this one I just have the cake to go, I’m loosing track of it! There were so many tutorials and it would have been the longest post ever … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day project roundup

Happy Valentine’s Day for tomorrow. At the risk of sounding a bit lame, Valentine’s Day isn’t really a big deal around here. I remember one year a friend of mine bought herself some shoes and told her hubby it was … Continue reading

Mermaid party; part 3 (Ocean Jellies)

Part 3 of the mermaid party series! Today I’m sharing my Nanna’s jelly slice recipe she wrote for me on a little piece of note pad paper many years ago. Jelly slice was quite a popular dessert slice in Australia … Continue reading

Mermaid party; part 2

Hey there! Welcome back to part 2 of the mermaid party we hosted. I have so much to show you today and that doesn’t even include the cake, clam shells or sea jelly recipe (coming up next)! Let’s start with … Continue reading

Mermaid party; part 1

We had so much fun baking and making for a special mermaid themed afternoon tea on the weekend! I have so many tutorials to share with you I just don’t know where to start! I thought I could perhaps start … Continue reading

Rustic Christmas cake with cherries on top

I’ve told you before that I love the naked cake trend and I wanted to try one but also give it a Christmas twist. I have tried to consider the combo of flavours ( I hope) as well as the fact … Continue reading

Easy peasy party foods, that rock

I’m so excited to share this post with you today as I’m hoping you will find these as helpful as I have when it comes to planning parties. The finger licking good party foods I’ve included in this post have … Continue reading