Chocolate truffles using your favourite biscuits!

Theses truffles are a great treat to take along to a party, give as a gift or just keep in your freezer as an alternative to icecream. I adore them straight out of the freezer but you can keep them … Continue reading

Chocolate fudge slice

Hello! How are you feeling about Christmas? I had an interesting discussion with some lovely friends recently about the tradition of giving gifts at Christmas. We were all talking about some of the negativity surrounding giving gifts and how each … Continue reading

Make it: Summer pom pom scarf

It’s warming up here in Australia, but I still love my scarves! I wear scarves most of the year round. Summer scarves need to work differently to winter scarves though. They drape around you rather than sit snuggly and they … Continue reading

Cacao bliss balls

When I started making these I had never heard of bliss balls. A friend told me “They look like those bliss balls”, um okay, what’s that? Well I’ve since discovered that there are all sorts of bliss ball recipes around … Continue reading

Mini Winterscape Terrarium

I do my best to be relevant to the climate and country I’m from but sometimes an Aussie girl has just gotta have a little bit of a white Christmas dream! I adore the same Christmas carols about chestnuts roasting … Continue reading

Christmas star cookie wands

Yay! I’m going to trial a new series I’m calling ‘Be my guest’ where other bloggers and/or readers can show off their own creations. Some may be pros, others may just want to share something they got excited about making, … Continue reading

Strawberry decoration

I made a few of these and more the other day and thought I would show you a couple as I think they would make cute present toppers or teacher gifts for hanging on the tree. They would also make sweet … Continue reading