Make it: Summer pom pom scarf

It’s warming up here in Australia, but I still love my scarves! I wear scarves most of the year round. Summer scarves need to work differently to winter scarves though. They drape around you rather than sit snuggly and they … Continue reading

Trimmed towels

Stuck for an original gift for a homewares loving friend or family? Well, I’ve been making versions of these trimmed towels for all sorts of gifts this year. Towels for baby gifts, floral trimmed handtowels for Nannas, some geo fabric … Continue reading

Strawberry decoration

I made a few of these and more the other day and thought I would show you a couple as I think they would make cute present toppers or teacher gifts for hanging on the tree. They would also make sweet … Continue reading

Printable cotton fabric!

Shhhhh! Printable cotton! It’s been around for ages but people might not want to tell you about it. Why? Well, it’s like having your own little fabric printing factory at home and they might not want you in on their … Continue reading

Fabric marker fun

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Ruffle Christmas tree top

Hello again. It’s been busy here at Twiggy Nest but I managed to squeeze in this Christmas tree top this week. I love ruffles and you may be noticing that it is a bit of a theme throughout this Christmas … Continue reading

Christmas stocking with faux fur

Hello again everyone, I hope you are enjoying this Christmas series. Today we are going to chat about the very important business of Christmas stockings. Not only are they a gorgeous Christmas decoration but of course for the little peeps … Continue reading

High Tea round up

Hello everyone 🙂 I decorated another party on the weekend that I am super excited to share with you. There are so many elements that I think you will find really interesting. Before I start on the tutorials for the next party I thought I needed to do a round up post and finalise some of the ideas from the recent high tea, including some ideas and pictures I haven’t yet shared. Grab a pretty cup of tea and enjoy a browse through all the projects and photos 🙂

I love themed food that matches and event, I just do. These tea bag biscuits have been a popular post and I have had requests to make some more for a fundraising high tea soon. The fondant Ombre cake with fondant decorations was easy and just helped to create a centrepiece for the table. I have also posted about easy cupcake toppers that help bring a bit of theme and prettiness to the dessert table.

For the decorations I used my dip-dye and non dip-dye tissue paper pom poms, lace covered jars of flowers, a floral fabric bunting that I made in a hurry and my favourite would have to be the ruffled organza fabric I used as a backdrop. Because the table was set up in front of a large window the light came through it and it looked very appropriate for a bridal shower, so pretty. The only problem with having it in front of the window though was that I was unable to get many nice photos if any of the whole table as it was very backlit making the decorations appear too dark in the images. I have shown you the best ones I could get.

I made labels for the mini jam jar favours and more labels for the drinks so that people could write their names on them and know which drink was theirs. I used teapots as vases and all the vintage silverware I could get my hands on. There are lots of handmade elements in this high tea party that could be used for most other themed girl’s parties. The decorations could be tweaked to suit a princess or tea party theme, a baby shower or a mature woman’s birthday.

Jars, Vases and Lanterns – pretty up humble glassware the easy way

I thought I would show you some really quick and easy ways to pretty up humble glassware for special occasions. These decorations lend themselves to shabby chic, bridal and country themes which are really popular at the moment. I am upcycling pasta sauce jars, jams jars, thrifty find vases and more but they key to this look is variety. They look best when they are different sizes and shapes, just like the rest of us! ‘Variety is the spice of life’ and other such clichés.

Here’s the how; I have used a variety of materials here including lace scrapbooking tape, real fabric lace, loose weave linen (or burlap and other fabrics would work as well), and white contact cut into heart shapes. I sometimes like to use washi tape, hand printed stamps, beads, sequins, leaves, paper, spray paint, the list is as long as your imagination. To attach the real lace I used double sided tape. The linen I just tied in a bow and the contact and scrapbooking tape is adhesive so just needed to be carefully placed before sticking. Jars and upcycled glassware is a great thrifty answer to decorating for themed events or table decorations. Use for lanterns, vases or to serve drinks and sweets. Add a hand handle and they can be a hanging decoration…….but that’s for another blog post.

Ps. Do you like my vintage wallpaper backdrop? Should I stock it in my store?