Choc-orange (jaffa) Icecream cake

  Mr T asked for a jaffa icecream cake for his recent birthday. Now I’ve never seen one in the shops and although he’s a grown man he still would have been perfectly happy with a freddo frog icecream cake … Continue reading

Caramel & Honeycomb Ice cream cake

We have had so many birthday celebrations lately and more to come. I love it! I enjoy making decorating cakes but find the cooking thing gets a bit stressful which is why I relished the request for an ice cream cake for the latest birthday. This is what I came up with. I have named it “Gold Digger” (haha. So witty, I know) becauseĀ it has seams of golden caramel running through the layers, not to mention the chocolate coated honeycomb. Grab a spoon and go in search of the gold……

I used 2 litres of vanilla ice cream, 2 lined loaf tins, chocolate coated honeycomb and butterscotch sauce (I think this is easier to make than a true caramel). I got my butterscotch sauce recipe from the taste website, yum! Get your ice cream out to let it soften a little while you make the sauce. I lined 2 loaf tins and spread softened ice cream on the base as the first layer, then sprinkled crushed/chopped honeycomb pieces on top. Once the sauce had cooled a bit I spooned some onto the ice cream and honeycomb layer. Repeat this process (like making a lasagne) and finish with sprinkled honeycomb on top. Make sure you have enough caramel sauce left over in the fridge for drizzling. Just warm slightly and spoon over slices of the ice cream cake. Droooool!