Cacao bliss balls

When I started making these I had never heard of bliss balls. A friend told me “They look like those bliss balls”, um okay, what’s that? Well I’ve since discovered that there are all sorts of bliss ball recipes around … Continue reading

Mermaid Cake

As part of my mermaid party wrap up, I realised I needed a few more pictures and details about the cake. The cake wasn’t perfect by any means but it was appreciated by the birthday girl who really wanted a … Continue reading

Mermaid party; part 1

We had so much fun baking and making for a special mermaid themed afternoon tea on the weekend! I have so many tutorials to share with you I just don’t know where to start! I thought I could perhaps start … Continue reading

Quick fruit cup dessert

Are you still in holiday mode? Here’s a quick, summer dessert idea that will save you on washing up and it’s kinda cute don’t you think? Remember the jelly cups from my easy peasy party food collection? Well, they were … Continue reading

Country Style diary upcycle

I adore Country Style magazine, it’s my fav. I subscribe to it each year and always make sure I get the free gift of the dairy each time I renew my subscription. When I started filling in the new years … Continue reading

Iceblock Treasure Activity

It’s getting hot here in Aus so I’m just going to show you a quick, fun activity the kids will enjoy. This is a two part activity; first it’s going to be fun collecting all the bits and bobs that … Continue reading

Christmas star cookie wands

Yay! I’m going to trial a new series I’m calling ‘Be my guest’ where other bloggers and/or readers can show off their own creations. Some may be pros, others may just want to share something they got excited about making, … Continue reading

Easy peasy party foods, that rock

I’m so excited to share this post with you today as I’m hoping you will find these as helpful as I have when it comes to planning parties. The finger licking good party foods I’ve included in this post have … Continue reading

Printable cotton fabric!

Shhhhh! Printable cotton! It’s been around for ages but people might not want to tell you about it. Why? Well, it’s like having your own little fabric printing factory at home and they might not want you in on their … Continue reading