Make it: Summer pom pom scarf

It’s warming up here in Australia, but I still love my scarves! I wear scarves most of the year round. Summer scarves need to work differently to winter scarves though. They drape around you rather than sit snuggly and they … Continue reading

Dip-dye Tissue paper pom poms

We will be using tissue paper pom poms for lots of upcoming celebrations including our high tea, Christmas and more. There are plenty of tutorials for pom poms but I wanted to give these a bit of a twist so I used a dip-dye method on the tissue paper first to create and ombre effect as well as accentuate the dimensions and ‘fluffiness’ of them. I have included pictures of the process. You could easily skip the dip-dye component and go straight to the pom pom bit.

I mixed some food colouring and water in a bowl and dipped each layer of tissue paper individually. I then patted each piece with an old towel and left to dry. Once dry, it is important to line up the layers as best you can (use a packet for each large pom pom, approx. 8 layers, or cut the paper into quarters before colouring for small pom poms). In the picture above we made small pom poms for the dip dye, a large plain white and another large white pom pom that we dipped the petals in the left over colour and left to dry. Start folding the short side up 1.5 inches and then back 1.5 inches (accordion style fold) until you have folded up the paper layers the whole length if the tissue. Trim off any excess. We then used florists wire to create a loop to slip over the accordion folded tissue paper and lined it up in the centre. Cut ‘petal’ shapes out of each end of the strip of folded tissue (you can choose how you want this; spiky, soft, basic curve, it’s up to personal preference). Very gently, while holding the wire, separate the layers as closely to the centre as you can without tearing them. If they do tear slightly, don’t panic, you probably won’t notice in the end. As you separate the layers try to create a fullness and round shape. We attached string to the wire for hanging. Do you love the outcome? We love how the colour gently fades from blue to white in the flower shape pom pom, not to make some pink ones, can you imagine how pretty that would be! I also want to take the opportunity to thank Backdrop Addiction for loaning us a backdrop to try. It is soooo pretty and we love how it turned out, thanks!